Xenical was worked out by the F.Hoffmann-LaRoche Ltd., the Swiss pharmaceutical company that has been around for more than 100 years. This is a prescription medication that is available in drugstores. This medication is designed for people suffering excessive weight.

Xenical blocks the absorption of fats by the body and thus controls fat levels, preventing their accumulation. If used properly, one can drop a handful within a few days without having to keep to strict diets. Xenical is absolutely harmless, and it does not interact with other medications. Xenical does not cause addiction and is meant for regular use.

The medicine acts in the following way: it attaches to the lipase, a substance responsible for the breaking down of fats, and blocks the process. As a result, the fat stays in the digestive tract and then is naturally removed from the body. Xenical can block about one third of the fats you take and hence it is highly conducive to weight loss.

Although Xenical is friendly in terms of side effects, please, do not use it without a consultation with a doctor. It takes a thorough analysis of your daily ratio and life mode to determine the dosage, which is best done with a professional assistance. Excessive use of Xenical may cause intestinal disorders.