Life is stressful and this can take a toll on your body. This can actually be a good thing because men today are trying to get help, which allows doctors to find solutions to more problems.

Penile dysfunction is one of the problems that men are seeking help for, and more drugs, such as Levitra, are being developed to help treat it.

Erectile dysfunction prevents the penis from getting erect or makes it difficult to maintain an erection during times of sexual excitement. Levitra, taken orally, is specifically formulated to help men who have erectile dysfunction. Just like any other drug on the market, it should only be taken by prescription.

Some media outlets make claims that erectile dysfunction is curable, but it is extremely important to remember that while it can be treated, there is no actual cure. Levitra can definitely help with this problem, but it does not cure this condition. It will not increase sexual desire, which is a different problem. Levitra will react to a physical problem, but not libido. If a man is having issues with sexual desire, he should see his doctor for this.

Levitra will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases either. This includes diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Remember, it is formulated to react to a physical problem with erectile dysfunction. There are no chemicals in Levitra that can protect against any STDs and it will by no means act as birth control.

This drug is meant to be taken only by men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction by a doctor. A man who takes it for any other reason can have serious problems with his health. Talk to your doctor before taking Levitra or any other drug that is available by prescription. Women and children should not take Levitra.